Monday, January 4, 2010

Hermione hat

I really love this hat. I'm one of those people who sees movies/shows/whatnot and thinks whether or not they're handmakeable. This, thanks to JL Yarnworks, is. And I LOVE it.

A lot. Obviously. I made one for my friend Megan for Christmas, and I'm now making myself one sort of similar. Same general pattern. Ish.
Here's the pattern, but it's knitted in the round. And because I don't knit in the round, here it is on straight 5s, knit with Threadless Burgundy.

CO 110
K1P1 ribbing for 12 rows
*K6 P5 across
P6 K5 across*
Repeat between ** twice more
{K6, P1, YO, P2tog, P2 around
P6, K5 around
K6, P2, YO, P2tog, P1 around
P6, K5 around
K6, P3, YO, P2tog around
P6, K5 around
Slip 3 stitches onto cable needle and hold in front of work, K3, knit stitches on cable needle, P5] around
*K6 P5 across
P6 K5 across*
Repeat between ** twice more}
Repeat from {} three times
P6 K5 around
K6, P2tog, P3 around
P6, K2tog, K2 around
K6, P2tog, P1 around
P6, K2tog around
K5, K2tog around
P4, P2tog around
K3, K2tog around
P2, P2tog around
K1, K2tog around
P2tog around
Cut tail, pull tail through remaining five stitches. Sew the back up with tail.

NOTE: this pattern makes a long hat. So either decrease by one cable (only repeat between {} twice), rib for 6-8 rows instead of 12, or just leave it as it is.

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