Saturday, January 30, 2010

Braided cable hat

(I think we can all agree that I need new needles, especially when they have turned from gold to silver, and they're turning my fingers colors. Not good. But they were my first needles. I don't know if I can give them up.)

I really like how this hat turned out. It's on the Loops and Threads Threadless Cadet Blue. Straight 10s, as per usual.

CO 80
K2P2 across for 6 rows
K across, make 10 throughout (I made mine at the ends, as in K1 M1 for 10)
Stockinette for five rows
K4, C3 front, K3, K3 from cable across
Stockinette for five rows
C3 back, K3, k 3 cable stitches, k 4 across
Stockinette for five rows
K4, C3 front, K3, K3 from cable across
Stockinette for five rows
C3 back, K3, k 3 cable stitches, k 4 across
Stockinette for five rows
K2tog, K2tog, C3 front, K3, K3 from cable across
Purl across
K2tog, K8 across
Purl across
K2tog, K7 across
Purl across
K2tog, K6 across
Purl across
K2tog, K5 across
Purl across
K2tog, K4 across
P3, P2tog
K2tog, K2
P1, P2tog
Cut a long tail and pull through the remaining stitches. Use tail to sew up the side.

Karma Hat

I LOVE this hat. A lot. I love cables, and stockinette, and having entire purl/knit rows. No counting. To top it off, this hat took me only a few hours. Maybe five? I'm not sure. I should start keeping track of these things.

(Yeah, I need new needles.)

First, let me tell you about this yarn, the Threads and Loops Threadless. I knit my Hermione hat with the burgundy of it, and LOVED it. A lot. So before I came back to school, I bought two blues. Cadet Blue, and what I knit this hat on, True Blue. I was looking online to see other colors, and I found out it's the Michael's store brand. And I was pleasantly surprised. It's pretty soft for acrylic, and knits really well, without a lot of stray strings and whatnot that the Vanna's Choice sometimes has. The only downside is that the ends fray a bit more than most when leaving them loose (like fringe and such).
I promise that Michael's didn't pay me to give them their own little commercial. Though I wouldn't mind.

So, anyways. The actual pattern is knit on 8s, and I'm lazy and wanted to knit it on 10s. So straight 10s, with Loops and Threads Threadless True Blue.

CO 78
Knit 6 rounds of K2P2 ribbing
Knit a row, increasing by one on each end
Purl a row
Knit a row
**C2F, K2, Knit C, K4 across
Purl a row
Knit a row
Purl a row
K4, C2B, K2, Knit C across
Purl a row
Knit a row
Purl a row**
Repeat between ** three more times, or until desired length.
K4, C2B, K2, Knit C across
(I had some trouble with the following, but I think I just miscounted my decreases. Sorry.)
Purl a row
SSK, K6 across
P across
C1B, K2, Knit C, K4 across
P across
K5, K2tog across
P around
K3, C2F, K1, Knit C across
Purl across
K1, K2tog, K3 across
Purl across
C1B, K1, Knit C, K3 across
P across
K2, SSK K1 across
P across
K2tog, K2 around
P across
K 1, C1F, K1, Knit C across
P across
K1, K2tog
P across

Cut long tail, pull through remaining stitches, sew up the back.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Mission

Who: me, of course
What: hats!
Why: for one of my favorite people in the world, who is sick.
When: by February 10th, or February 26th
How: yarn I already have, and the soft Vanna's Choice Baby I ordered, which was shipped today
The Patterns:

The Cap Karma Hat (with this crown shaping)
(Possibly) The Claudia Hat
Another Hermione Hat
Aother Lydia Hat (which I'll upload soon)
A simple striped hat
And more, once I find them.

I'll upload photos/patterns as I finish.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


People (blogs, really) you should check out:

Who -- What I love

Rawrchar -- This is Carly's blog, a good friend of mine
VO Knits -- the Lyon hat, yet to be made
Present Knits -- her Mossy Pebbles scarf. I made a similar one for my friend Megan for Christmas
Midnight Knitter -- used her Karaoke Cable scarf pattern for my mother
Na Vlne -- I LOVE her Capucine hat. This was also one of the failed January hats. Let's not talk about it.
The Sweatshop of Love -- Love the name, love her slouchy red hat
Creativeyarn -- these fingerless gloves, yet to be made

BAKING, etc.
Usually I just mess around with recipes I have, but I just found:
Bakerella -- LOVE her cake pops. There are no words.

Slouchy red hat

Things we ARE NOT going to talk about:
  1. How I ruined two (and a half?) hats.
  2. How I'm beyond exhausted for no apparent reason.
  3. How my favorite pair of knitting needles are so worn out that the... color? is so worn out that the silverness underneath shows through and thus turns the tips of my fingers silvery after lots of knitting.
Things we ARE going to talk about.
  1. I finished a hat. And not just a hat, an ADORABLE one. (We're not going to talk about how I messed up some of the cabling in the back. It's in the back.) I might even make a matching scarf.
  2. It's a long weekend. Which means another day of sleeping in. Thank you, MLK.
  3. I have good leftovers for dinner.

So, here's the hat.

Here's the girl who made the pattern. I've got to say, the hat (and she) are adorable, like I said earlier. But this girl must have a tiny head, because I added TWO extra cable panels. TWO. So, 26 or so stitches. I did use size 10s instead of 11s, but I've done this before, compensating for it, and it's never been that much. It's really easy to make, as it's in stockinette mostly, so you don't have to worry about counting knit stitches and purl stitches in your head. And it didn't take that long to make, either.

So, here we go. Realize that this hat will be big. It is slouchy, after all. If you want it slouchier, block it. I've never blocked before, and the hat I made was already pretty big. All I did was put it over a big plate. Seriously.

Knit with Burgundy Threadless, size 10 straight needles.

CO 66 stitches (to make smaller or larger, subtract or add 11 stitches from casting on)
K1 P1 around for 5 rows across
Knit last two stitches of ribbing together
K3, C4 front, K4, knit 4 cable stitches, repeat across
Stockinette two rows across
K1, make 1, knit 2, make 1, knit 8 across (for 78 stitches)
Stockinette three rows across
C4 back, K4, k 4 cable stitches, k 5 across
Stockinette five rows across
K5, C4 front, K4, K4 from cable across
Stockinette five rows across
C4 back, K4, C4 back, K4, k 4 cable stitches, k 5 across
Stockinette five rows across
*K5, C4 front, K4, K4 from cable across
Stockinette five rows across
C4 back, K4, C4 back, K4, k 4 cable stitches, k 5 across
Stockinette five rows across*
(If you want the hat shorter, DO NOT do the part between the **. If you want it longer, DO the part between the **. Each part between the ** is about three inches).
K2tog, K1, K2tog, C4 front, K4, K4 from cable across
Purl across
K9, K2tog across
Purl across
K8, K2tog across
Purl across
K7, k2tog
P2tog, P6
K5, k2tog
P2tog, P4
K3, K2tog
P2tog, P2
K1, K2tog

Cut a long tail and pull through the remaining stitches. Use tail to sew up the side.

Made while
Watching: Miss Congeniality for the millionth time, episodes 1-4 of Firefly (also for the millionth time)
Playing: Bejeweled Blitz

Also, I recently made this hat. With earflaps! Go me.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hermione hat

I really love this hat. I'm one of those people who sees movies/shows/whatnot and thinks whether or not they're handmakeable. This, thanks to JL Yarnworks, is. And I LOVE it.

A lot. Obviously. I made one for my friend Megan for Christmas, and I'm now making myself one sort of similar. Same general pattern. Ish.
Here's the pattern, but it's knitted in the round. And because I don't knit in the round, here it is on straight 5s, knit with Threadless Burgundy.

CO 110
K1P1 ribbing for 12 rows
*K6 P5 across
P6 K5 across*
Repeat between ** twice more
{K6, P1, YO, P2tog, P2 around
P6, K5 around
K6, P2, YO, P2tog, P1 around
P6, K5 around
K6, P3, YO, P2tog around
P6, K5 around
Slip 3 stitches onto cable needle and hold in front of work, K3, knit stitches on cable needle, P5] around
*K6 P5 across
P6 K5 across*
Repeat between ** twice more}
Repeat from {} three times
P6 K5 around
K6, P2tog, P3 around
P6, K2tog, K2 around
K6, P2tog, P1 around
P6, K2tog around
K5, K2tog around
P4, P2tog around
K3, K2tog around
P2, P2tog around
K1, K2tog around
P2tog around
Cut tail, pull tail through remaining five stitches. Sew the back up with tail.

NOTE: this pattern makes a long hat. So either decrease by one cable (only repeat between {} twice), rib for 6-8 rows instead of 12, or just leave it as it is.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fried green tomato sandwich

If you've ever lived in or visited Atlanta, especially within the last 10-15 years, you know about Mick's. I guess I was too young to really appreciate it when it was here. There was one in town, and one in our closest mall. Delicious American food. And it was the only place my parents could get me to eat tomatoes, even if they were fried.
About this time last year, I really started craving their fried green tomato sandwich. Seeing as they had closed their stores long before, it's not like I could drop in and get one. So I spent hours online, looking for a recipe. And this is the closest one I found. It takes a while to make, but it's so freaking good.
And even if you don't like tomatoes or anything else in it, try it. Honestly, I don't like 90 percent of the things this sandwhich is made of.

You need:

Flour (a couple cups)
Salt (pinch)
Pepper (pinch)
Eggs (two)
Green tomatoes (three or so)

Rye bread

Cream (1/3 cup or so)
Parmesan cheese (like, a handful)
Red peppers (one)

To make the sauce:
Cut and roast [?] the peppers on the stove. (Make sure you get all the seeds out). Meanwhile, mix cream and parm in a saucepan to make a alfredo-ish sauce. Put the peppers into the sauce, and put it all into a food processor. Process until the sauce is pinkish and there are no major pepper pieces. put into fridge.
NOTE: if you're either lazy, stressed for time, or don't have these ingredients, there's another option. Get some alfredo sauce and some canned roasted red peppers. Drain the peppers. Put it all into a food processor. Process, and you're done.

To make the tomatoes:
Wash the tomatoes, and cut into think (about 1/3 inch) slices. Dip into flour/salt/pepper mixture, into whisked eggs, and back into flour mixture. Repeat.
Heat oil in a skillet, fry the tomatoes. Do this slowly, turning them only once.

To serve:
Sprinkle mozzarella over rye bread, toast lightly in a toaster oven. Spread pepper-parm sauce over the bread, then put the tomatoes on. Cut in half, and enjoy!