Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sweaters and cameras

I'm currently knitting a sweater.
Yeah, I realize that it's nearly summer and all, but despite the fact that it's 80-something degrees outside here, my room is absolutely freezing. And hey, the sweater has short sleeves.
A long while back, I saw this sweater at Ann Taylor Loft, and I loved it. It's cute and comfortable... and seventy dollars. And while looking at it, I realized that I could make it. And while this was months ago that I saw the sweater and bought the yarn for it, it's taken me a while. First, I was knitting ten million other things. And I have stuff to do, like go to class and study. And then I began knitting it, and got most of the back done and realized that I was knitting stockinette when I should have been doing garter. So I restarted it.
Currently, I am almost done with the back (again), and will then move on to the front. But because I don't have a camera, I can't post pictures.
Which brings me to the camera thing. I had a Canon PowerShot SD800 IS, which I have had for forever and then some. It's been around the world with me, on top of the Empire State Building and the Colosseum, in German airplanes and my high school. Seriously, I loved it. It's scratched and dirty and a boring grey, but it was mine. I had won photography contests with it, and taken hundreds of silly photos of friends with it, too.
Yes, I realize how ridiculous it is for me to be so attached to a camera, for goodness sake, but it's very high on the list of things I would grab if my house was burning down. Phone, wallet, laptop, camera.
And because I will be (finally) getting a paycheck in a few weeks, and I usually put my first summer paycheck to something big for myself, I'm going to get a new camera. Because I seriously can't live without one. (And I do need a new phone, but those are hundreds of dollars cheaper).
I'm currently looking at:
Nikon Coolpix S8000 and S6000
Canon PowerShot S90
And my favorite, the Nikon Coolpix L110.
I've always been a huge fan of DSLRs, as I used them frequently in high school, but they're extremely expensive, and not all that easy to carry around. Which is why I like the L110. It's compact (for a SLR), and really cheap. Or, well, not that expensive.
I miss my camera.

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