Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blogs revisited

People (blogs, really) you should check out:

Who -- What I love

Rawrchar -- This is Carly's blog, a good friend of mine
VO Knits -- the Lyon hat, yet to be made
Present Knits -- her Mossy Pebbles scarf. I made a similar one for my friend Megan for Christmas
Midnight Knitter -- used her Karaoke Cable scarf pattern for my mother
Na Vlne -- I LOVE her Capucine hat. This was also one of the failed January hats. Let's not talk about it.
The Sweatshop of Love -- Love the name, love her slouchy red hat
Creativeyarn -- these fingerless gloves, yet to be made
Knit Me! -- I really love this dinosaur. A lot.

BAKING, etc.
Usually I just mess around with recipes I have, but I just found:
Bakerella -- LOVE her cake pops. There are no words.
Pinch My Salt -- awesome photos
Baked Perfection -- yum. yum yum yum.
Annie's Eats -- stolen many recipes from. So good.
Cake Spy -- so cute.
Sweetnicks -- Such an adorable family, and some really awesome-sounding recipes.
Bake at 350 -- LOVE those cookies. All of them.
The Good Apple -- even though fondant terrifies me, she makes me want to try it.

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